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Co-Owner – Fernando vega talks to Kelly Ritenour of SNN News about athletes and IV Therapy.   Athletes recover with IV therapy from Hydr8 – SNN News August 22,2016

Stephanie_pressOur Director of Nursing Stephanie Conyers, R.N., B.S.N talks to Kelly Ritenour and Nicole Sommavilla of SNN News about benefits of donating blood.  Hydr8 host blood drive with OneBlood August 12, 2016

Danielle_pressOur Nurse Danielle R.N., B.S.N. talks to Alix Redmond of ABC7 news about Heat Stroke.  Heat Stroke prevention – ABC7 My Suncoast News August 3, 2016

Chris_alex_press_2Dr. Christopher F. Newcomb talks about Hangovers with Alix Redmond of ABC 7 News.  Hydr8 talks about Hangover Cures – ABC7 My Suncoast News January 1, 2016

Chris_alex_pressDr. Christopher F. Newcomb talks to ABC7 News about IV Therapy and why you don’t need to visit an ER anymore.  Hydr8 – Hydration Centers in Sarasota – ABC7 My Suncoast News October 20, 2016